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Games of chance involving "dice" have been around since the dawn of civilization. The earliest dice were probably shaped from animal bone or carved from hardwoods like ebony and oak. We know that Roman soldiers tossed pig knuckles onto their shields more than two thousand years ago in a game some called "bones". But where did Craps come from - and how did it get that name?

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The casino game of Craps is played with a set of two perfectly balanced dice with each die having six white dots numbered 1 through 6. The game is played by tossing the dice from one of the short ends of the table to the other, making sure that both die hit the opposite side wall of the table. Payoffs are made based on the number combination displayed when the dice come to rest.

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    The Most Frequently Asked Questions About Craps

    Given below are the frequently asked questions about craps:

    What is craps?
    Today in the world of casino games craps is recognized as an exciting game. Actually the game is not so complex as it looks. Craps is played on a table. A pair of dices is used in this game. A ‘Shooter’ throws the dice. The shooter is incidentally a player holding the dice. The best part about craps is that any person who places the bet can join the game. There are many simple to complex bets available for selection. It is up to the player which one to choose.

    How to play craps?
    A minimum of four people is required to run the game in a casino. The ‘Boxman’ looks after the game standing at the center of the table. He also fixes all disputes. On either side of the table you will find the dealers standing. Their duty is to cash players in and out. They also collect and pay bets. The fourth person is the stickman. The role of the Stickman is to operate the dice and control the bets. He also calls rolls and signals the winning of bets.

    The Stickman is the one who offers 5 dice to the ‘Shooter’, and the ‘Shooter’ can choose any 2. When the dice is rolled it is known as Come-Out roll. The dice is supposed to hit the other side of the table and rebound to be considered as a legal roll. A come-out roll wins if it scores 7 or 11 for the shooter. 2,3 and 12 scores are loses for the shooter. Other scores mean continue of the game, till the shooter loses.