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How to play this game

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How to play this game

There are numerous betting options available but you only need to understand a few of them to play the game, have fun and win.

You are betting on the number the next roll of the dice will display or won't display. In its simplest form you place a bet on the Pass line (or on the Don't Pass Line) and try to roll a seven or an eleven (or a two or three). If you succeed the bet will pay even money and you can make another bet. This first roll is called the 'Come Out' roll.

Should you fail to roll a seven, eleven, two, three or twelve then the 'point' is established on the number of the value of the dice rolled. Once a point is established your objective is to roll the 'point' again before the next seven is rolled. If a seven is rolled you lose your bet. Once the 'point' has been established you can not remove your bet from the table.

Dice rolling continues until the PASS/DON'T PASS bets have either won or lost. If there are remaining bets (COME/DON"T COME bets, PLACE bets etc.) dice rolling will continue and a new point will be established. If no other bets are remaining on the table you must place a bet in order to roll the dice.

At any time between dice rolls you can place bets. PASS LINE/DON'T PASS LINE bets can only be placed if the white puck is NOT on the table.

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